Elliott Smith – Complete Unreleased Songs: Live Recordings

Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith // credit: Paul Heartfield

As most of you know, I’m a bit of an Elliott Smith discographer. (You can find my compilation of his complete live cover recordings here). Now I’ve started work on his unreleased material, no easy task – even as I was putting these songs together, I stumbled upon “Sorry My Mistake,” a song I’d never heard. In this post, you’ll find the songs that, for the most part, never made their way to the studio, most of which luckily exist in quality recordings. Almost all of them stand alongside his best work – “Flowers for Charlie” and “Mr. Good Morning” would’ve been fine full-band additions to XO or Figure 8, while “I’m Doing Okay, Pretty Good” (AKA “My New Freedom”) has long been one of my favorite Smith songs. The names of these songs have been disputed, so I’ve provided their original fan-titles and where applicable, the “official” titles handed down by various Smith associates in recent years.

Elliott Smith – Complete Live Unreleased Material

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“A Silver Chain”^
“Blue Mood”
“Flowers for Charlie”<
“I’m Doing OK, Pretty Good” AKA “My New Freedom”
“Come To Me” AKA “You Make It Seem Like Nothing” (1996)
“Come To Me” AKA “You Make It Seem Like Nothing” (2003)
“Living in a Cage” AKA “Confusion”
“Mr. Good Morning” AKA “Just Between Us”:
“So Many People” AKA “Confidence Artist”
“Dancing on the Highway” AKA “Still Here If You Want Me”
“Dancing on the Highway” (w/ full band)
“Sorry My Mistake”
“Everything’s OK”*
“I Figured You Out”**
“Instrumental,” 10.14.99
“Unlucky Charm” AKA “Come Out Now”
“I’m All Over It Now” AKA “Have You Seen Her”

^ An instrumental version appears on the leaked Jackpot sessions.
* Early version of the alternate “Pretty Mary K” that appears on New Moon.
** A song Elliott gave to Mary Lou Lord because it sounded too much like the Eagles. Her version appears on her EP Martian Saints.

As always, folks, if I’m missing something or you have a better version, please post in the comments or send them my way at rawkblog AT gmail DOT com. Note: In the time since compiling these tracks, studio versions of several of them (“Dancing on the Highway” and “Mr. Good Morning,” for now) have surfaced.

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