New Music: Constantines – Hard Feelings 7" (stream)

Photo by David Greenwald (more here)

If you thought 2005’s Tournament of Hearts was a little too tender for the band that once shouted We want the death of rock ‘n’ roll!, fear not. “Hard Feelings” – the 7″ single from the Constantines‘ as-yet-untitled fourth album – is all sweat and grit, as searing as the flaming oil geyser in There Will Be Blood. The film’s Daniel Plainview would sympathize with b-side “Easy Money,” a song heavier than a ton of dynamite and about as explosive.

The Constantines – “Hard Feelings” and “Easy Money”: stream on MySpace

And for the less machismatically inclined, the best song from Tournament:
The Constantines – “Soon Enough”: mp3

(The Hard Feelings 7″ is out 1/15 on Arts & Crafts)

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