Rest of 2007: Caribou – "Melody Day"

Happens every year: as soon as I get through list-making, a bunch of great records fall in my lap. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be spotlighting a few releases we missed last year, many of which should’ve ranked among the top albums and songs. Like this one. Dan Snaith hasn’t impressed me much since changing his name from Manitoba to Caribou (coincidence, I’m sure), but the lead track from Andorra is some next-level shit. It’s as full-blown and drug-induced as all his best work. Electric guitars crunch, high-pitched vocals suck down helium and flutes flutter like migrating butterflies, all in perfect unison. Dude should’ve called it “Melody Month” – I’ll be jamming it for at least that long.

Caribou – “Melody Day”: mp3


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