Rest of 2007: Phosphorescent – ‘Pride’

I don’t know why I held off on Phosphorescent‘s latest album – I have some vague memories of not being particularly impressed by 2005’s Aw Come, Aw Ry – but even if I had a good reason, it’s hard to justify passing on something that would’ve easily made my top 10. Pride is the Great Evocative Folk record I wanted out of 2007. There are so many elements that make it undeniable: Matthew Houck’s weary, Will Oldham-like delivery; the hushed early-Iron & Wine feel; and Houck’s lyrical fascination with all things Appalachian and ominous. But most impressive of all is the sea of vocals that flow over every track, a(n albeit ghostly) choir that acts as a luminous campfire to the album’s dark overtones.

Phosphorescent – “A Picture of Our Torn-Up Praise”: mp3
Phosphorescent – “Wolves”: mp3

(Pride is out now on Dead Oceans)


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