Live Recordings: The Smiths – The Complete Peel Sessions

If I haven’t made it clear, I’ve become quite the fan of the Smiths in the last few months. Morrissey’s melodramatic vibrato, Johnny Marr’s ultra-melodic guitar lines, the band’s firm grasp of 1980s moodiness… I was born too late to appreciate them in their prime, but thanks to this compilation of the band’s sessions on the John Peel show (spanning 1983-1986), not too late to feel like I was there. Even if I was a fetus. Don’t miss the acoustic version of “Back to the Old House,” a track good (and sad) enough to render most of the Sarah Records discography moot. Jamz after the jump.

The Smiths – The Complete Peel Sessions

1. Reel Around the Fountain: mp3
2. What Difference Does It Make?: mp3
3. Handsome Devil: mp3
4. Miserable Lie: mp3
5. This Charming Man: mp3
6. Still Ill: mp3
7. Back to the Old House: mp3
8. This Night Has Opened My Eyes: mp3
9. Rusholme Ruffians: mp3
10. Nowhere Fast: mp3
11. William It Was Really Nothing: mp3
12. Is It Really So Strange: mp3
13. Sweet and Tender Hooligan: mp3
14. London: mp3
15. Half a Person: mp3


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