Cuban Linx: Ludacris’ hoes in different area codes

Via Strange Maps. Speaks for itself, really.

More news: R.E.M. will debut no-really, this-is-the-comeback-album Accelerate on iLike on March 24, a week before the street date — that is, assuming it doesn’t accidentally debut on Sendspace, Mediafire or Rapidshare first. (Billboard)

Stereogum has an exclusive video for Lewis & Clarke’s awesome “We Think We Have Eyes.” The ‘Gum is also starting a video blog, Videogum — totally coincidental with the launch of, I’m sure!

Aquarium Drunkard did a redesign. Give us a little margin on the left, dude.

Vampire Weekend played on SNL over the weekend – I know you know – but I was reading Idolator’s write-up and apparently actual jealousy is the new ironic jealousy: “This guy is smarter, better-looking, richer, more successful and more fun than I’ll ever be.” Well, obv.:

Vampire Weekend – “Campus”: mp3