Diplo/Justice Scalping Madness

Photo of Diplo on the 1s & 2s by Flickr’s dissolve

In more ticket-price insanity, tickets to see Diplo and Justice team up at the Mayan in Los Angeles tomorrow are going for an absurd $125 each.

Face value was $30.

Sure, it’s not $400 for the very much unproven Vampire Weekend, but still. I quite enjoy both Diplo and Justice, yet I find that price tag beyond “too high” – it’s unconscionable. I can’t help but think there is something else driving these prices besides love of the music. People must be more interested in saying they went to these shows than actually going to them.

Maybe that is too cynical. Maybe the L.A. kids are just suckers for a big dance party and have way too much money. But that explanation seems too easy.