Matablog: "Why Do People Buy Records?"

There’s a great post on the Matador Records blog about why people buy records (and CDs and MP3s) and why us media types are complicit in, uh, convincing you not to buy them anymore. To which I respond, formats change, fellas: The CD largely replaced vinyl because it was more convenient, just as MP3s are replacing CDs now. For whatever reason, the average consumer is more concerned with portability and ease of use than quality of the experience, though us audiophiles/collectors are certainly out there driving your business… which means you have two audiences to deal with. LPs with MP3 coupons might be the best of both worlds, so cheers on that, Matador folks, but you can’t just sweep the sales decline under a media-blaming rug.

Daft Punk – “Digital Love”: mp3

If you are looking for records to buy, my dudes at LAist just posted their top 25 of 2007. Can’t say I agree with all of the picks, but they got the #1 right.