The Best Venue in L.A. is Closing

LAist is reporting that Largo, home of Jon Brion‘s Friday night residency and the stellar performances of so many great bands of the years, is closing. Or rather, moving – to the larger Coronet Theatre, about a mile away on La Cienega. Can’t say I’m too happy about losing the venue as the most intimate in town (or its location across the street from Canter’s), but at least I have reservations for the Nelly McKay show this week. The move is reportedly happening in May, with the new venue to open in June. Here’s the new location:

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Update: The L.A. Times has some more info. The move is definitely happening. Aimee Mann and Randy Newman have already been booked for June shows in the new space, which seats 280 vs. Largo’s current 120 and boasts a smaller, 90-person capacity room as well. Jon Brion, thank God, will be artist-in-residence.