Top Five Quotes Posted On the Wall of the Facebook Event "4/20/2008"

1. “Hella better than Christmas!”

2. “smoke weeeeeeeeed”

3. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Sick! barely a month away… i’m gonna smoke some danky ill nasty bubble kush blunts, then some sour diesel chron a tron…. dank nugsssssssss!!!! woooo can’t wait”

4. “nigga i invented that shit! its practically my damn birthday! I DONT GIV E AFUCK!” – Kyle Krebs, San Antonio, TX

5. “get baked all day everyday
thats the motto i live by till the day i die
no one can stop me from smoking my wonderful tree besides me!”
-Emily Bullard, Marblehead High School

There are, obviously, hella more quotes on the very public event page.

Nick Drake – “Been Smoking Too Long”: mp3
Can – “I’m So Green”: mp3