Video: The Alternate Ending for "I Am Legend"

I’ll be honest, folks: I really, really liked I Am Legend. Right up until the ending, which sucked. I have a thing for post-apocalyptic survival movies — and, uh, Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball‘s performance in Castaway — and thoroughly enjoyed watching Will Smith‘s daily, vampire-hunting routine as Dr. Robert Neville. Of course, Hollywood being Hollywood and this being a Will Smith blockbuster, the film ends with a noble sacrifice, a cure for humanity, and a message from our lord and savior. A little something for everybody, except those of us irritated by a Jesus ex machina ruining a movie built on science and human desperation. I think the alternate ending (from the forthcoming DVD release) wraps things up much more satisfyingly, if a little anti-climatically — what do you think?

Update: Looks like the video’s been taken down. It’s off YouTube, but keep checking, I’m sure it’ll be back soon enough.

Update 2: The video is available here.