Buzznet buys Idolator, confuses hip teen Buzznet users

Venture capital-flushed Buzznet just bought Idolator from Gawker Media, adding another traffic-heavy music blog (Stereogum is the other) to its roster. Aside from the built-in audience, it’s a confusing move: Idolator is an insider-y site about aging, Reality Bites-weaned hipsters complaining about stuff; Buzznet is a site about young, Garden State-weaned MySpace kids rocking out to Phantom Planet. It’s an audience that Stereogum makes a lot more sense playing to, but as yet there’s been little interaction between Buzznet and the ‘Gum anyhow, so we’ll see what happens. More importantly, it makes you wonder who’s next on the Corporate Buy-Out Agenda: Pitchfork? Hype Machine? Brooklyn Vegan? Hopefully none of them, but it’ll be interesting to see if Old Media dollars trump shaky New Media business models.