Pitchfork.tv: Almost as Awesome as Expected (with Jay Reatard!)

After I interviewed Pitchfork’s Ryan Schreiber, I expected Pitchfork.tv to be a wonderland of music videos. The site launched today and it is, sort of: The original content, including Radiohead doing an exclusive performance of “Bangers & Mash” in Nigel Godrich‘s basement, and the above Jay Reatard show, is all fantastic, as is the selection of music videos and films (this week: The Pixies’ reunion documentary). Buuuuut how come I can’t embed the Radiohead clip? Why can’t I click through the chapters/songs of the Jay Reatard show? Do I really have to scroll down a separate list of links rather than see them simply laid out in a longer sidebar for perusal? Still, the player itself is refreshingly hi-def and like I said, the content’s there. I just wish it was a little easier to navigate and, y’know, post on my blog.