RiotBecki and Rosay leave The Pipettes

The Pipettes
Photo by David Greenwald

Guess the band really is Monster Bobby‘s show: With RiotBecki (left) and Rosay (right) leaving the British neo-girl group and two new members (Ani and Anna) replacing them, that means the entire Pipettes’ original lineup has scattered into the wind. (Gwenno was added just before the release of their debut, We Are the Pipettes.) This is, obviously, a huge bummer: RiotBecki’s lead vocals on “Tell Me What You Want” are the group’s finest hour, and the girls sounded great harmonizing on new tunes at their Echoplex set last fall. It’s too late for an April Fool’s joke, but the band did work a RickRoll into the announcement, so who knows, maybe there’s hope — at least we’ve still got the #3 album of 2006 as a record of their indie pop glory. (Via Pitchfork)

The Pipettes – “Tell Me What You Want”: mp3

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