Wolf Parade – Kissing The Beehive: The Definitive Preview

Wolf Parade getting ready to start Kissing the Beehive, no doubt
Photo by David Greenwald

Update: The MP3 links are down.

Thanks to the excellent Snakes Got a Blog for rounding these live versions up. Kissing the Beehive, as previously reported, is out June 17 – we don’t have a tracklist yet, but presumably a big chunk of these songs will make the final cut. Considering the half-dozen or so side-projects released in the wake of 2005’s Apologies to the Queen Mary, it’s nice to hear the project-project back together. And, y’know, destroying lives. Songs after the jump.

Wolf Parade – Kissing the Beehive Live Compilation

***Update, 4/28: Download the whole thing here

1. Fine Young Cannibals: mp3
2. Things I Don’t Know: mp3
3. Soldiers: mp3
4. Cathedral Bells: mp3
5. Language City: mp3
6. Stevie: mp3
7. A Day in the Life: mp3
8. Billy J.: mp3
9. Gonna Love You Like I Do: mp3
10. Chinese Way: mp3
11. Beds Exploding: mp3
12. No One Saves the Day: mp3
13. Crazy Horse: mp3

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