New Music: David Karsten Daniels – Fear of Flying

David Karsten Daniels - Fear of Flying (2008)Like Jason Molina’s recent work under the Magnolia Electric Co. moniker, David Karsten Daniel’s Fear of Flying is an album of Crazy Horse-inspired folk-rock with a little Southern Gothic darkness creeping in around the edges. It’s the kind of stuff that usually has alcohol imagery appended to it, and true to genre, Daniels’ woozy singing does sound loosened by a few shots of Jack Daniels. The music is sharp and sober though, flavored by the welcome, under-used presence of horn arrangements.

David Karsten Daniels – “Martha Ann”: mp3

(Fear of Flying is out now on Fat Cat)


Note: Been pretty busy around the Rawkblog offices recently, but we’ll be back to full speed next week with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin photos and a lengthy narrative of Jon Brion’s last Largo performances of all time. See ya then!


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