Rest of 2007: Holy Ghost! – "Hold On"

Holy Ghost! play Brooklyn electroI’ve been reading a lot of Hipster Runoff lately, and if you — like me — are a 20-something old enough to remember the days before Generation American Apparel, Carles’ daily criticism and gently pointed commentary on alternative bros and electro remixes is required reading. Guy posts more party pix than MP3s, but when he kicks out the jams, he makes ’em count. He asked the other day if DFA signees Holy Ghost!‘s “Hold On” was the next “D.A.N.C.E.,” and while I doubt it’ll capture the blogosphere zeitgeist the way Justice‘s summer jam did, its Cut Copy-esque indietronica certainly makes it the best song you’ll hear this week. (Or, uh, back in November ’07 when it dropped. So much for setting the Hype Machine on fire.)

Holy Ghost! – “Hold On”: mp3

Speaking of the next “D.A.N.C.E.,” it’s still a wonder to me that David Gilmour Girls’ “Young Rats” never took off last year. Probably didn’t help that it was the only pop-vocal track on an album full of instrumentals, but all the same, in case you missed it on the Rawkblog Best of ’07 list:

David Gilmour Girls – “Young Rats”: mp3

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