Ice-T Delivers The Greatest Rant In Hip-Hop History

Sucks to be Soulja Boy. Dude gets called out by Lebron James and now Ice-T, who told everyone’s favorite ringtone rapper to “eat a dick.” Our Boy responded with an inspired YouTube clip (“This nigga old as fuck!” x20; awkwardly referring to N.W.A. and Ice Cube‘s “Fuck the Police”) and, this being a hip-hop beef, Ice responded with a pretty incredible sorta-apology video that clearly went through a few edits before landing at a 4-minute runtime. Stick around for the end, when Ice’s 16-year-old son drops the punchline of the year.

Update: Kanye West has gotten behind Soulja Boy on his blog, calling his lyrical depth “Nas level shit.” Oof. What would Hov say?