Introducing Camera Obscurist – My Photoblog

All photos by David Greenwald

It’s become imminently clear lately that not everybody likes concert photos. Especially not whole (digital) rolls of them, as Pretty Goes With Pretty so cleverly noted. Well, dear readers, you’re still shit out of luck: I have every intention of continuing to post reams of dimly lit point-and-shoot shots from here to eternity, or at least I can afford a DSLR like Matt or Frank.

But with Canon A720IS firmly in hand, I’m also pursuing other photographic endeavors. I’m proud to introduce Camera Obscurist, a new blog of high-resolution photos (at a waistline-bursting 1024px wide) focused on whatever catches my eye, be it a bathroom door or a particularly explosive flower. The new blog will update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a fresh photo; as I won’t be writing anything over there, it won’t take away from my precious Rawkblog time, so don’t worry about me jumping ship. The blog is already off to what I’d like to consider a good start– go check out the photos and see if you agree.

Camera Obscura – “Let’s Get Out of This Country”: mp3
Wilco – “Kamera” (live): mp3