The Hold Steady Embrace Their Inner Bar Band

The Hold Steady are the best bar band in AmericaAn Aquarium Drunkard has a great interview with the Hold Steady‘s Craig Finn, in which he comments on the group’s bar band tag:

We don’t put on this pompous show. It’s more like, “We’re gonna get up there and play music and you’re gonna be a part of it and we’re gonna have fun.” And to me, that’s what the bar band thing means. I don’t think of it as an insult at all; it’s more like we’re a good, tight, rock ‘n’ roll band. Of course, we don’t really play in bars anymore.

They do play clubs: the best bar band in America hits the Avalon on July 30. Clever kids will make it a constructive summer and buy their tickets now.

You can hear “Constructive Summer” — this blog’s song of the year so far — right here.

(photo by forklift)