New Music: Gentleman Jesse And His Men Drink The Lo-Fi Scene’s Milkshake

Gentleman Jesse and His Men - self-titled LPThe problem with Times New Viking and Jay Reatard and all these other bands that are pretty good but I don’t actually listen to anymore is that they’re not the Exploding Hearts.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men aren’t the Exploding Hearts either, but they’re probably as close as the lo-fi gods will allow in our generation. Which is to say they’re the most ridiculously great garage pop band to emerge in the last half-decade and their new album will probably break your heart and blow your mind — or other body parts. Ready your bowels, Hype Machine!

Gentleman Jesse and His Men – “You Don’t Have To (If You Don’t Want To”: mp3

(You can preorder the band’s self-titled debut on, awesomely, Douchemaster Records)


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