New Music: The Tallest Man on Earth – "A Field of Birds"

The Yellow Bird ProjectThe Tallest Man on Earth, in case you didn’t see him trampling lesser folk singers on his recent hike through the blogosphere’s backcountry, is a Scandinavian musician named Kristian Matsson. But feel free to call him Dylan, or Drake, or Frank — he’d probably be honored to answer to those. Matsson may not stand quite as tall as the aforementioned genre giants, but this year’s Shallow Graves, a shot in the arm of a (mostly) solo acoustic record, certainly follows in their fingerpicking footsteps.

His latest track is a tune for the Yellow Bird Project, a charity that features indie rockers designing benefit t-shirts. It’s another trademark Tall Man tune, bouncing along with intricate, unflagging picking (dude must also have the strongest fingers on earth) and slivers of banjo accompaniment. “As I’m a thief, there’s no need for work,” he sings. “I just need to find a field of birds.” What he’ll do when he gets there is anybody’s guess, but I imagine it’ll be worth singing about.

The Tallest Man on Earth – “A Field of Birds”: mp3


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