Chad VanGaalen Explains His Stupid Human Trick

A few weeks back, I posted a video of a young, glorious Chad VanGaalen doing a stupid human trick on Letterman, in which another dude crawled on him. Chad himself — or an anonymous commenter who wrote, “It’s Chad,” which is good enough for me — chimed in over the weekend and sorta explained how he ended up being a human totem pole.

“It was the night of the Grammys and Cher was the headliner on the show,” he wrote, noting, “this goes way back, before Infiniheart. But I think that trip inspired some of the music written for Infiniheart.”

Update, 2.15.09: Having spoken with Chad directly, that commenter was not him. Keep an eye out for my interview.

None of which answers why dude thought it was a great idea to have another dude clambering up his torso on national TV, but I’m not one to look gift blog comments in the mouth. Chad’s incredible Soft Airplane is out now, and in celebration, here are some rare jamz from everyone’s favorite Calgarian. (P.S. Chad, when you play in L.A. again you can totally sleep on my floor. I promise not to climb on you.)

Chad VanGaalen – “Pizza Party”: mp3
Chad VanGaalen – “Human Totem”: mp3