"Gossip Girl" Season 2 Open Thread

Last night’s premiere was a much-needed way to kick things off. Since the “OC” days, Josh Schwartz’s stuff is always much better when it’s lighthearted rather than pouring on the tearz. I’m not going to devote a lengthy post to this absurdity right now (though, uh, I’m about 500 words into one that may or may not go live when I inevitably lose interest in four episodes or so), so feel free to chime in on the following topics of import — The 50 Cent-free Vitamin Water white party?! Dan and Serena back together?! Nate and Mrs. Robinson?! Chuck has feelings?! Raise your hand if you’re stoked for next week.

Obligatory music content: The hottest youth-demographic show on TV and the featured song is some hip-hop Jack Johnson bullshit by MTV almost-celeb Shwayze? Step it up, Alex!