New Music: The Clientele – "That Night, A Forest Grew" EP

Photo by David Greenwald

I suppose I like the Clientele songs where Alasdair sings songs about fucking better than the ones about faces in the trees and going to bed, but one has to wonder if the band could pull off an album of ’em. That Night, A Forest Grew is a halfway attempt, an EP of slinky grooves and guitar solos that’s about as sexy as the Clientele ever get. It turns out something’s lost when there’s less nostalgia to balance out the rush of blood to the head, which is why the finest song here is the saddest: “George Says He Has Lost His Way In The World,” a tune significantly more miserable because it breaks from the band’s beloved first-person — and hearing some new perspectives from the Clientele might be the sexiest sound of all.

The Clientele – “George Says He Has Lost His Way In The World”: mp3

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