Exclusive: Chad VanGaalen Prepping Enormous B-Sides Collection, Digital Archives For Charity

Photo by David Greenwald

Calgarian songwriter Chad VanGaalen can come across as pretty spooky when he’s singing about sleep, death and robots — a few of the subjects on his stellar new album, Soft Airplane. But he was much more amiable over the phone earlier this week in a wide-ranging interview that spanned his science fiction influences and going swimming with Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum. We’ll have the full interview soon, but this news was too good to hold: Chad is prepping a 50-track (!) Soft Airplane b-sides collection for release “sometime in the next year.” And that’s not all. [Continue reading…]

“[Soft Airplane] was narrowed down from quite a few songs,” Chad said. “I scrapped a few versions of the record with different songs in it. There’s still about 100 songs that we were picking from. We’re trying to find a place for all that stuff. It’s been in the works for a while but I think I’m just going to put it out as a download as a fundraiser for World Wildlife, because there’s no place for it. I don’t want to make more CDs.”

At this rate, the Chad VanGaalen archives will hit the Internet before Neil Young’s. The prolific musician has a couple of other discs in the works — Black Mold, his electronic music project, is due in January 2009, and he’s working on a Broken Ankles release with drummer pal Eric Hamelin.

Despite his fascination with sleep, the musician-cum-animator has burned enough midnight oil to start on a feature film, as well.

“I’m working on a full-length animation right now which allows me to score and combine the visual arts with that,” Chad said. “That’s sort of loosely based on [an unfinished] Philip K. Dick story, ‘The Owl and the Daylight.'”

Chad added he doesn’t “want to move away from pop music,” but that he’s looking into doing more scoring — so Hollywood types, call the guy up. He was a natural on Letterman.

Chad VanGaalen – “Clinically Dead”: mp3
Chad VanGaalen – “Subterranean City Roots” (live): mp3

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