Best of 2008: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin’s Top 9 Underrated Albums

The men of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin know a thing or two about being underrated — they’re (spoiler!!11one!1!) the resounding winners of The Rawky Award for Best Band Blogs Forgot. The full Rawkys list will be up later today, but first I thought it’d be fun to see the Boris bros’ picks first — they were nice enough to send over their top 9 underrated albums of the year, which you can see after the jump. [Continue reading…]

1. Apart Of Someone – Our Cat Philip
2. You’re Not A Dream – The Mommyheads
3. Windows – Michael Holt [Ed. — Of the Mommyheads, natch]
4. All We Could Do Was Sing – Port O’Brien
5. You Don’t Speak For The Club – Drew Danburry
6. Devastator – Catfish Haven
7. Before Daylight- Cindy Woolf
8. Howard Zinn Arcade – Washington Irving
9. Pershing – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

We’ll be hearing from some of our favorite artists all month about their year-end favorites — don’t miss the first one, Grizzly Bear crooner Ed Droste’s Top 5 Recipes I Learned This Year.


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