Required Reading

Nick Sylvester’s epic piece on Girl Talk, a critical gauntlet-throw with — gasp — actual criticism, and one not beholden to a word count. Ironically, writing so much about the guy only further legitimizes him, but them’s the breaks.

And Hipster Runoff takes on TV on the Radio — thank God:

“I just have this image of a 35 year old man reading P4k/Rolling Stone/NME/SPIN’s best of 2k8 list, going on iTunes to buy the top 3 albums, halfheartedly listening to them, then going back to listening to meaningful songs from the late 90s, ‘back when good music was more than just weirdo conceptual crap that people had 2 pretend is awesome.'”

I like when Carles momentarily breaks blog-character and actually attacks things. Can I buy you a beer/Sparks/vodka waterfall, dude?