RIAA To Downloaders: Merry Christmas!

The RIAA is going to slow their lawsuits to “a trickle,” according to the Wall Street Journal, opting instead to pester your ISP to send you warning messages and cutting off your Internet. You know what this means — go nuts! How this dovetails with the DMCA post take-downs bloggers (myself included) have been getting for the last couple months is beyond me, though.

In totally unrelated news: Spencer Tweedy, son of Wilco frontman Jeff, has a blog. It’s incredible.

And, while you’re here: Levi Johnston’s mom — i.e., Sarah Palin’s future sister-in-law — was arrested for what seems to be either drug trafficking or “manufacturing.” You may remember that Sarah’s little town of Wasilla happens to be the meth capital of Alaska. Stay strong, Bristol!