Hipster Runoff and Ed from Grizzly Bear are Twitter Bros

Important breaking news!

Hipster Runoff has been Twittering at Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, trying to pull an indie rock dinner invite (e-vite?) for some gumbo so he doesn’t have to go to Chili’s — and it appears this has been the beginning of a beautiful blogship. “Are we ‘real friends’ or just ‘fake internet friends’?” HRO asked. To which Ed replied, “Hopefully both and more!!!” Awww. Ed happens to be bloggy buddies with us, too, and sent us his list of his favorite five recipes of 2008 a while back. Feast your eyes. In actual news, Grizzly Bear’s latest album is due in March (so, like, a leak in two weeks?) and should be totally awesome. (Sorry, guys, I just got caught up on Gossip Girl. It’s one of those days.)