New Music: I Was A King – "Norman Bleik"

Maybe this guy was, too
Photo by David Greenwald

Music always sounds best coming from a garage or a bedroom. That’s when it’s at its purest — or at least closest to its point of creation, which is close enough. “Norman Bleik,” the first single from the first album of the improbably named I Was A King jangles with the youthful energy of a bunch of curly haired dudes spending the summer before senior year listening to Radio City, saving up for new amplifiers and terrorizing the neighbors. Kids do that in Norway, right?

I Was a King – “Norman Bleik”: mp3

(I Was a King’s self-titled debut is due April 7 on The Control Group)

N0te: I have wireless Internet again after a lengthy furlough. This means I can upload MP3s from my external hard drive to this website, which in effect means we’re back in business. Team Rawkblog is wrapping up the launch of our new look and our new site, but we’ll let you know when we’re ready for an open house. Stay close.


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