Judd Apatow’s Next Film: ‘Funny People’

For his first movie in the director’s chair since Knocked Up, Apatow seems to be returning to the bittersweet humor that characterized the still-tremendous Freaks and Geeks for his story of a comedian (Adam Sandler in hopefully his first good role in forever) with a near-death experience. Apatow muses Seth Rogen and wife Leslie Mann co-star in the July 31-due film. Update: And Jason “Coconut Records” Schwartzman is writing the music as well as starring! This will be awesome.

P.S. Saw Seth at Whole Foods the other day — dude is trim! Apparently Apatow-bro Jonah Hill lives right by me, too. Guys, when can we go to Bar Lubitsch for crunchy Stellas?

P.P.S. I Love You, Man looks like the best movie ever and I hope these guys keep making three bromances a year forever.

Video: Funny People Trailer