Ryan Adams Releasing Valentine’s Day EP

In a last-ditch (update: not a cash grab — it’s only $3.99) move from label Lost Highway, Ryan Adams is releasing an iTunes-only EP of his “best love songs” on February 10, according to his MySpace, which is interesting because it claims to include “unreleased bonus track ‘Hey There Mrs. Lovely,'” a lost gem from Ryan’s Heartbreaker-era Destroyer Sessions that was later reworked somewhat unsuccessfully for 2007’s Easy Tiger. And secondly because it gives us the chance to talk about ol’ Ryan’s best love songs, which are probably not included on this new material-heavy collection. Tracklist and my picks after the jump.

Extra Cheese EP:
Answering Bell
My Love For You is Real
Hey There, Mrs. Lovely

As you can see, the set ignores Heartbreaker and Love Is Hell — too depressive for V-Day? Here would be my picks for his seven best love songs:

Come Pick Me Up (from Heartbreaker)
Amy (from Heartbreaker)
Hey There Mrs. Lovely (from Destroyer)
La Cienega Smiled (from Gold)
Dear Chicago (from Suicide Handbook/Demolition)
Please Do Not Let Me Go (from Love Is Hell)
When Will You Come Back Home (from Cold Roses)

Post yours in the comments.

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