St. Vincent’s ‘Actor’ Due May 5

St. Vincent‘s sophomore album, the sure-to-be-Shakespearean Actor, is due May 5. With Spoon and the National holding off till 2010, it’s pretty easily my most anticipated album of the year, so I’m glad we’re getting it just in time for my birthday (and Star Trek). 2009’s going to be good to us, folks. If somehow you missed the Arrested Development-tipping Marry Me, track it down ASAP — the best debut of ’07 and one of our top 10 albums of that year. After the jump, an Annie tune that unfortunately won’t take the stage for the album, live favorite “Bang Bang.”

Update: Apparently Conor Oberst (still off the Bright Eyes tip) is putting out a new album, Outer South, that day as well.


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