Touch & Go Calling It Quits?

A relatively reliable source reports that Touch & Go, the venerable Chicago indie label that’s played home to such luminaries as the Butthole Surfers, Shellac and Ted Leo, is going catalog-only — no new music. See guys, this is what happens when we stop buying albums (and the economy craters). At any rate, best of luck, T&Gers. Update: According to DeRogatis, the label will eventually continue on with new releases, but right now, will stop doing distribution for a host of other labels including Merge (!), Drag City and Kill Rock Stars. Bad, bad news. Check out Pitchfork for a solid top 25 of the label’s formidable discog.

Ted Leo – “Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?”: mp3

(Touch & Go Records)

Ted Leo photo by David Greenwald


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