Live: Asobi Seksu @ The Troubadour, 3.14.09

Asobi Seksu

All photos by David Greenwald

In my review of Asobi Seksu‘s shoegaze skin-shedding Hush, I praised the band for bringing Yuki Chikudate’s agile voice to the forefront and banishing the sturm und drang of their previous records. This was before the live show. Not that Asobi Seksu sounded bad on Saturday — Chikudate’s voice translated beautifully under the Troubadour’s lofted ceilings, but hearing her properly under the once-again prominent squall took some effort. More frustrating was the iron-pumping drumming, which held down the new songs’ studio airiness with Bonham-like muscularity. Athleticism does have its charms, and fans of the band’s previous heaviness were no doubt glad to see them throwing their weight around — still, I’d advise them to ease off the protein shakes. More after the jump.

Asobi Seksu – “Familiar Light”: mp3

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