Live: Chad VanGaalen @ Spaceland, 3.28.09

Chad VanGaalen
All photos by David Greenwald

Having heavily anticipated the epic double bill of Women and Chad VanGaalen at Spaceland for weeks, you can imagine my one-way trip to Bummerville upon learning that Chad had missed his flight and was coming in late — but despite that and troubles at the Canadian border which left him merch-less, Chad arrived before the witching hour and managed to play a set of Soft Airplane-centric jams and opine about watching hardcore porn on (don’t click that) with his 18-month-old daughter. (Chad has an 18-month old daughter!) As you may have gathered from my interview with him, Chad’s worldview goes through some different filters than the average bear, but you may have missed his quiet, absurdist sense of humor, which was both charming and abundantly evident in person. And as for songs, “TMNT Mask” and “Rabid Bits of Time” were highlights; I wouldn’t have minded hearing more older material, but he did grace us with oddball Infiniheart song “Cronograph #1.” Many more photos after the jump; as usual, click any one to open a hi-res gallery.

Chad VanGaalen

Chad VanGaalen – “Cronograph #1”: mp3

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