First Look: Japandroids – “Post-Nothing”

Japandroids - Post-NothingLike a hot knife through bloggers, JapandroidsPost-Nothing might single-handedly make the recent glut of fresh-from-Guitar Center lo-fi/garage acts worthwhile. They’ve been compared to the Constantines, and while there’s certainly something of that band’s savage songwriting in Japandroid’s guitar rampage, the relentless 35-minute onslaught of Post-Nothing probably owes more to Husker Du and McLusky. “I don’t wanna worry about dying,” Brian King — or perhaps David Prowse, dudes switch off yowling convincingly — sings on “Young Hearts Spark Fire.” “I just wanna worry about sunshine girls.” Everybody’s got priorities. I hope Japandroids’ also include saving rock ‘n’ roll.

Japandroids – “Young Hearts Spark Fire”: mp3

(Post-Nothing is due April 28 on Unfamiliar Records; they’ll be at the Silverlake Lounge in May)


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