Today is Free Comic Book Day

Spider-Man Andy Warhol ShirtSure, Record Store Day is cool, but for my money, there’s no arguing with Free Comic Book Day — which is today! Check out the FCBD Web site to see if your local shop is participating and then go pick up some goodies. Not into comics? Let me recommend some graphic novels: 1) Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, an 11-book post-superhero epic fantasia that touches on dream worlds and Shakespeare alike 2) Essential Spider-Man, Marvel’s reasonably priced collections of the best superhero comic ever (yes) by Stan “The Man” Lee and Steve Ditko 3) Batman: The Long Halloween, an unofficial sequel to Frank Miller’s Year One and a source of inspiration for last year’s film The Dark Knight, and a gorgeously drawn one at that. So get going! Post what you picked up today in the comments.