Live: Wilco @ The Wiltern, 6.22.09

Wilco at the Wiltern
All photos by David Greenwald

Wilco (The Concert): Epic. After waiting five years to see my favorite band (2004: The flu. 2007: Last-minute publicist hiccup), Jeff Tweedy, Nels Cline & Co. delivered the goods over two hours and 20 minutes — or as rock bands used to call it, a full set. I was planted firmly in front of lead guitarist Nels’ monitor, which was both awesome (Nels!) and a minor concern when he drowned out Jeff, but on the whole, the sound was great and each of Wilco’s six members were at their peak. The setlist was more polarizing, at least for me — they played all my favorites (“Muzzle of Bees,” “Jesus Etc.,” “Shot In The Arm,” “One Wing,” “Misunderstood”) and all of my least favorites — the goofball pop they’ve leaned toward recently, with “Walken” and “Hate It Here.” But after two encores (including a Being There run that included “Red Eyed and Blue,” “I Got You” and “Monday”) I was more than sold on Wilco (The Live Band) — or rather, the best band.

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