Rawkblog Pledge Week ’09: It’s Very Stimulating

The happiest dogLadies and gentlerawkers, unlike Lil Wayne, I am not ballin’ through the recession. Despite the ad (and I use that term loosely these days) at the top of this site, we’re at best breaking even on hosting and associated costs this year. With that in mind, I’m going to once again respectfully beg you for a bail-out, but I’m not asking for a freebie:

For a suggested donation of $5, you’ll get a personal e-mail from yours truly thanking you for your patronage and initiating the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

For a suggested donation of $10, you’ll get the above and a custom mixtape/playlist for the event of your choice. Need a soundtrack of party jams? Want to woo a lady/boy? I can make that happen.

For a suggested donation of $20 or more, you’ll get the thank you e-mail and the opportunity to request me to perform a cover song of your choice on acoustic guitar. I will record it and put it on YouTube for all eternity or until it gets removed due to copyright violations. (Suggestions: Ryan Adams, Jens Lekman, Taylor Swift.)

Pals, I encourage you to think of The Rawking Refuses To Stop! as a daily subscription to a rad magazine: How much would you pay a year to get this in the mail? Times are tough, folks, so no hard feelings if you can’t reach deep, but any and all donations will be much appreciated.

In return for your generosity, this will be an extra-special week of Rawk-content: In the coming days, you should look forward to some sweet bootlegs, my rundown of the year’s best albums so far and some very belated 2008 best-of lists, among other goodness. [Rawkblog Pledge Week ’09 is sponsored by the The Happiest Dog Ever, pictured]

Dave Rawkblog

Re-Up Gang – “20K Money Making Brothers On The Corner”: mp3
Fred Thomas – “No Money”: mp3