New Music: Charlie Wadhams – “Someone To Kiss”

Charlie WadhamsLos Angeles singer-songwriter Charlie Wadhams is best known — which is to say, unknown — for his work on John C. Reilly vehicle and Johnny Cash send-up Walk Hard, where he co-wrote songs including the innuendo-stuffed “Let’s Duet.” Like Forgetting Sarah Marshall contributor Peter Salett, another songwriter recruited by the Apatow gang for goofball material, Wadham’s solo material hits more serious notes. “Someone To Kiss,” for one, is a playful, smoky jazz ballad that immediately recalls Ron Sexsmith’s “Fool Proof” and Sondre Lerche’s Duper Sessions. It’s the sort of song that calls for cuddling — and you can get intimate with Wadhams tonight at the Silverlake Lounge, where he’s playing a free show. He’s on at 11:30.

Charlie Wadhams – “Someone To Kiss”: mp3

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