Rawkblog.tv: Ravens & Chimes – “Clarissa Explains It All” (Live, 6.16.08)

Premiere! I finally joined the rest of the cool kids on Vimeo (verdict: rad) and now that we’re in hi-def visually, if not sonically, here’s a gem of a jam: a new live track from Ravens & Chimes. Frontman Asher Lack tells me this song, “Clarissa Explains It All” — yes, after your favorite ’90s Nickelodeon show — is going to be a bit faster when it arrives as the b-side of this fall’s “Hearts of Palm” single, but it’s pretty high energy here. The Rawkblog Band to Watch has half of their sophomore disc tracked and hopes to tour before knocking out the rest, so we’re looking toward 2010 at this point. No rush, fellas.

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