Trailer: “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”

Judging by the first trailer for The Fantastic Mr. Fox, director Wes Anderson’s return after the misfire of The Darjeeling Limited will be a much-needed left-turn for the singular auteur: a romp. The film marks a number of firsts for him — his first adaptation (from the Roald Dahl book of the same name) and his first animated effort. Fox, coincidentally like previous Dahl adaptation James and the Giant Peach, was shot in gorgeous stop-motion rather than the ugly, vapid computer animation that so many films have defaulted to in recent years. (Pixar’s always breathtaking efforts aside.) It looks like a hell of a lot of fun — but with George Clooney voicing the title character in the caper, let’s just hope Wes doesn’t dump all of his trademarks for an animated Ocean’s 11. It’s due Nov. 13, which gives us three months to take bets on which Kinks songs he’ll use.

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