Bootleg: Beck and the Flaming Lips @ KCRW, 12.24.02

Beck in 2008 / photo by David Greenwald

[Ed. note: Another bootleg from the archives. The migration from blogspot continues. Enjoy!] In 2002, along with the release of the milder, morose Sea Change, Beck asked the Flaming Lips to be his backing band. This was probably the best idea ever. Their performances on KCRW at the end of the year seem to support that — everyone’s in fine form here, doing pretty, laid-back versions of songs from Sea Change and beyond. (Note: I’ve neglected to include the interviews, so track numbers are off accordingly.)

Beck & The Flaming Lips – Live on KCRW, 12.24.02

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“Golden Age”
“We Live Again”
“Cold Brains”
“Do You Realize??”
“Lonesome Tears”
“Lost Cause”
“Little One”
“Paper Tiger”
“Devil’s Haircut”

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