New Music: Diane Birch – “Fools”

Diane Birch - Bible BeltAs New York Magazine’s Mark Graham noticed in his review of fresh ingenue Diane Birch’s recent NYC coming-out show, there’s been an embarrassment of vintage-leaning pop star riches lately, from Amy Winehouse’s modernized Motown to Adele’s spin on Dusty Springfield. Diane Birch’s debut, Bible Belt, springs straight from the 1970s — not the bootcut denim and beards that characterized the Laurel Canyon scene (and today’s inheritors in Fleet Foxes) or the coke-fueled arena rock of Fleetwood Mac, but pure pop music: the emotive Los Angeles session sounds of Carole King and Elton John.

On songs such as “Fools,” Diane recalls King’s own smoldering brand of blue-eyed almost-soul, sexy and smart all at once. “My love is a fire no one can tame,” she sings before launching into one of the album’s many soaring choruses. The era appropriation may be shameless, but the songs are too good to ignore. Will you still love her tomorrow? Time will tell.

Diane Birch – “Fools”: mp3

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