Real Talk On The State Of Music Criticism

Christopher R. Weingarten of hero-Twitter @1000timesyes lays the smack down about music writing 2K9 in an Eye Weekly interview:

There’s not enough interest in music to warrant an economy based on writing about it… If you hire someone who’s really bright and incisive, they’re still not going to get enough Google traffic as someone who writes Lady GaGa’s name all day. What does that mean for smart, incisive music writers? That we’re a dying breed. People don’t read Pitchfork, Stereogum or Vice magazine because they think the writing’s incredible… it’s lifestyle marketing, in that it captures the essence of what a generation wants. Music writing today is about web traffic.

His opinions on chillwave and Green Day are less defensible, but dude pretty much nails his chosen career. Shit’s depressing. Should we start a Rawkblog Kickstarter all Put This On style?