Pop, Obv.: Ke$ha, Uffie, Ke$ha, Uffie

Ke$ha-AnimalUma, Oprah? Say what you will about Ke$ha, she’s done one thing Uffie hasn’t been able to do in five years of Cobra Snake-documented hipster queenhood: record a full-length album. (Well, and have a hit single.) Nevertheless, in the interest of public service, it’s important to note it’s Uffie who deserves the credit for Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” — a track whose verse melody and cadence straight-up rips off the Uffster’s shining moment, her Justice collaboration, “The Party.” (Also important to note: “The Party” is totally a clever, subtle brush-off to an ex rather than a hedonism-for-sorority-sisterhood’s-sake club banger.) Go on, compare ’em after the jump.

How good is Grooveshark, by the way? Hoping to use it a lot more around the site.