The Wrens Now Actually Recording Next Record

“A productive 9-hour day yesterday,” The Wrens, indie rock’s most talented-while-infuriatingly unproductive band, wrote on Facebook this morning. “Got most of the last studio/tech knots untangled… Got easily the best drum sounds we’ve ever done, which, as you engineery types know, is key for starting recording, if only for the morale-boost and ‘cause they’re such a pain to overdub. Got two songs tracked, one of which is definitely not being thrown back in the water… After a couple false starts over the last year or two, super happy to be able to say that new recording is really under way.”

We’re happy too, guys. Luckily 2003’s The Meadowlands, Rawkblog’s 19th best album of the 2000s, is still so good, it should hold us all over a little while longer.