Bootleg: Destroyer @ CBC Radio Session, Vancouver – 4.10.06

Photo by David Greenwald

[Editor’s note: A previous version of this post originally appeared on December 10, 2007] Did any 2007 album match up to the track-for-track glory of 2006’s Rawkblog AOTY Destroyer’s Rubies? With the possible exception of Elliott Smith’s New Moon, not to these ears. Destroyer – led by inexhaustible reference-flinging possible alcoholic Dan Bejar – has a new album, Trouble in Dreams, due in March [ed. This one made my year-end list, too], so let’s refresh our memories of the band’s stellar catalog with this crisp, lively radio session. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Bejar (a notoriously stoic – okay, drunk – performer) sound as playful as he does here on “Your Blood.”

Destroyer – Live at CBC Radio, Vancouver, 4.10.06

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1. Crossover Song
2. It’s Gonna Take an Airplane
3. Streethawk II
4. Rubies
5. Looter’s Follies
6. Your Blood

(You can stream this session at CBC’s website.)


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